FIRE in the storm on an APA102 matrix! :-) Hello everybody,

(Stefan Petrick) #1

FIRE in the storm on an APA102 matrix! :slight_smile:

Hello everybody, just a quick proof of concept.

I used the Noise functions for the heatmap and for the wind simulation as well.
All the parameters which control the noisefield are influenced by another noise function in order to get the animation more vivid and alive.

What do you think?

edit: Code here

(Chris Parton) #2

It looks fantastic, nice work! The diffusion works really well here :slight_smile:

(Christoffer Terp) #3

Really impressive!

(Jeremy Spencer) #4

It’s amazing, I’d love a copy of the code :wink:

(Stefan Petrick) #5

Thank you, guys! Sure @Jeremy_Spencer here you go:

(Andrew Tuline) #6

Thx for the code. Love your comments re: the delay statement. I occasionally have to do that as well and feel pretty guilty about it.

(Stefan Petrick) #7

Same thing with slighly different parameters:

(Ken White) #8

@Stefan_Petrick - Beautiful! So realistic looking. Thank you for sharing your code.

(Stefan Petrick) #9

@Andrew_Tuline You´re welcome. The problem here is that this frame by frame scaling in an 8 bit space allows not enough steps for high framerates. 16 bit math would help. But honestly: For fast moving animations I don´t care about fps (except it´s audio visualisation ;-). No one will see a difference between 70 and 700 fps. And it was just a test that worked surprisingly well for a first try. So you see: I feel guilty too and try to defend myself now.

(Jeremy Spencer) #10

@Stefan_Petrick Thank you :))

(Marc Miller) #11

Very nice @Stefan_Petrick :]

(варешяф рйезот) #12

Stefan, its nice. But IMHO it is not pretty, when it moves left\right. There something “unnatural”.
I think, moves needs to be improved. And it will become PERFECT ))
Sorry for pore English.

(Stefan Petrick) #13

@fa25514ad7a4d6321c2d I agree. The factor controlling x of the noise field sets the intensity of this. It could be less or even zero (x should be static then). All the parameters allow a lot of finetuning.

(Marc Miller) #14

What makes it look unnatural to me is that the wind affects (blows) the base too. If the base (where the actual fuel/wood/hot coals are sitting) was fixed I think that would nail it.

(Marc Miller) #15

But it’s a proof of concept and looks really good! That can be version five. :smiley:

(Stefan Petrick) #16

Indeed. Everyone is welcome to play with the parameters. Maybe an inisible base would be better anyway? For sure there is much space for improvement.

(варешяф рйезот) #17

When I write comment, page was not updated and I see just first variant. Second is perfect! You are “noise maniac” )) Your noise functions are awesome )

(варешяф рйезот) #18

@Stefan_Petrick may be my words are foolish, but may be try to make delay not with “delay” function, but with some blend function, like “nblend” or something similar?
In this case - processor would not just wait, but will usefully calcs more pretty looks animation )
Controlling blends parameters it is possible to make animation slower.
Sorry for pore English.

(варешяф рйезот) #19

for now I’m testing fire effect on 5 strips.
I’m use 60 led\m and SAN milk plastic as diffuser (Styrene Acrylonitrile, not acrylic). There are about 3 cm between strips and plastic is about 3-4 cm from leds.
It looks very-very smooth!
You can make your matrix more wide (x1.5 or more) and I think it will looks nice as now!
Hope this would help for somebody!

(варешяф рйезот) #20

60 leds\m
missing/deleted image from Google+