Fall Cleaning: Categories

In order to make it easier to find your way around Maker Forums, we’re doing a bit of category rearrangement. There will be more improvements to come, but for now you’ll see that several categories — Site Help / Feedback included — have moved into a Community parent category and are grouped together at the top of the page.

Some of our existing category structure is an accidental reflection of Google+, and really is just extra complexity here, so hopefully making things a bit more streamlined will make them easier to find as well as clearer which category to use when posting.

Feel free to share your thoughts here…


My opinion,
Don’t sweat it too much, This is my goto site. everybody is friendly/respectful and we can spill our mistakes and show our Great works. There are


Thank you! :heart:

Site leadership have been reviewing changes, but sometime in the next week or three I’ll probably have a staging site up that everyone can look at and raise possible issues. I do plan to give folks who care a chance to look at the organization before we actually move wholesale.

I will be doing that move as part of some larger work to replace the VM that Maker Forums runs on with a new one, so when that all happens some time this fall or so, we’ll have hours of read-only access and probably bits of downtime as I move us from one server to the new one. No real plans yet for timing on that other than probably this calendar year…