Extruder turns of at start of print

So, i just upgraded to Volcano on my E3d. Calibrated the Z-probing and print height. After that i upgraded my Firmware and the Webif. Now the extruder turns of at the start of a print. I can still print but i have to quickly turn the extruder heater on agian or the printer halts on temperature.

Cant find a thread with this topic. I run Cura as a slicer and have not changes any settings since before.

EDIT: I also did an auto tune for the extruder.

What firmware are you running? Have you done a PID tune since changing hotend?

I used the lastest stable version on github. I forget to add that. Yes i auto tuned it as well.

The latest stable version of which firmware?


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Look at the start gcode in Cura, or in the file you are printing. Sounds like you are sending it an M104 S0 in error (or S"some other low value")