Ever wonder what a 40 watt medical laser tube looks like?

Some interesting info. The tube is almost 4ft tall! (I do not know the diameter) It was built in 2012 and still going strong. The tech was doing a recalibration PM. It can go as low as one watt and a 0.1 sec pulse. The tech suspects that this is actually a 60 watt tube since it is the same size of the 60 watt tubes in the 60 watt machines. (I wonder if they use the same tube that does not spec for 60 watts.)


What kinds of procedures are CO2 lasers used for in medicine?

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ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Removing mouth and throat lesions. Stapectomy.

Gyn Removing endometriosis laparoscopicly. Removing cervical lesions.

Just to name a few. :wink:


How does the light get to the patient from that tube???

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You cannot see it in the picture, but on top is an articulated arm that is either connected to a hand piece or a microscope. There is also a waveguide that can be attached to do laparoscopic and throat procedures.