Email temporarily not working for Hotmail address

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Thanks to spammers, sending email is now a specialized activity, with email services like sendgrid and mailgun specializing in sending mail. It happens that MakerForums uses mailgun.

Hotmail is currently blocking all mail from mailgun that we are sending. We have opened a ticket for mailgun to fix their problem. In the meantime, you will not be able to create a new account using a Hotmail address. We believe that notification emails and digest summaries to established users are similarly affected.

If you are trying and failing to create an account with a Hotmail address, please try a different address, or send email to to request help.

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This problem has been resolved by mailgun. Please let know if you have any further problems. Please provide the specific email address that you are having trouble with. Thanks!

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We had the same thing happen when spinning up the C3D and LB forums. The IP we were assigned was blacklisted, and it took a number of back and forths with support before they changed it for us. Anthony will remember it well.

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Although back then, he was just on the receiving end of things and couldn’t get his forum account activated :slight_smile:

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In this case, the IP used to work (we have existing members on hotmail emails), but a noisy neighbor poisoned it relatively recently. We were moved to a new IP as a result of our support ticket.

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