EJ6090 CBC Router

Router Does anyone else have one I can’t get mine to work properly at all I can’t install knock three about halfway through anything that I try to do the Y axis shifts a half an inch in either direction and then finishes the project any comments or help

Hi @Kford1953! Welcome to Maker Forums!

Sadly, I can’t parse what you are asking.

It looks like it might be worth reading this section from our FAQ on how to get good help here on Maker Forums — and really, anywhere else on the internet, or even off the internet! :relaxed:

How to ask for help

Paul Stoffregen, of Teensy fame, wrote How to get technical help from strangers on the Internet. Please read it before asking for help, here on Maker Forums, or on any other forum. From his summary:

  1. Good first impression ⇒ Humans will want to help
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