E3D-v6 is here and ready to order! (With a 10% discount for the first

(Sanjay Mortimer) #1

E3D-v6 is here and ready to order! (With a 10% discount for the first few days. Do take a look at the video. If you want more gory technical details check out our blog post where we go through everything exhaustively. If you have any questions do just ask, @Joshua_Rowley and I wil be around to answer.

Video here:

Gory details blog post here:

(Brian Evans) #2


(Denys Dmytriyenko) #3

Great! The coupon doesn’t seem to work though… Never mind works now.

(Joshua Rowley) #4

Coupon is: LikeAv6
That will get you 10% off this weekend! :slight_smile:

(Sanjay Mortimer) #5

It should be! We’ve people using it at present, it’s case sensitive LikeAv6

(Stefano Pavanello) #6

Well done! :slight_smile:

(Thomas T. Sørensen) #7

Coupon isn’t working for me either. “Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it’s usage limit!”

(Anthony White) #8

Well I’m in for 2 already! The 3mm direct will go on my Mendel 90 - but I’m curious, with the 1.75mm bowden version have you guys been able to print ninjaflex with a bowden drive of moderate length?

(Sanjay Mortimer) #9

I think the issue was around the coupon only working when logged in, we’ve changed it so it works regardless now.

(Nils Hitze) #10

The video is awesome, well done. Where’s my preorder reseller code now? :slight_smile:

(Sanjay Mortimer) #11

@Anthony_White We’ve not tried to print flexibles through a bowden at this point. Honestly, I think you’re going to struggle, but if there is a configuration that will work it will be with something like a v6 with full tubing lining all the way from hob to just before melt zone.

(Thomas T. Sørensen) #12

Works now, but why do I have to wait for my account to be approved before I can order?

(Mark Moissette (ckaos)) #13

Looking great ! Very nice work !
Also really curious on at least taking it for a spin with bowden + flex !

(Sanjay Mortimer) #14

@Thomas_T_Sorensen Because you registered as a VAT exempt business customer and we’re legally required to check your details before we tax exempt you! (It’ll be done in a few minutes)

(Thomas T. Sørensen) #15

@Sanjay_Mortimer Of course, that makes sense. This is actually the first time I’m ordering something on behalf of my new business, so please message me if there’s any problems :slight_smile:

(Stephanie A) #16

I didn’t even see a place to put the coupon code. Ordered anyways.

(Thomas T. Sørensen) #17

@Sanjay_Mortimer That was quick, thanks!

(Nils Hitze) #18

@Thomas_T_Sorensen new business?

(Thomas T. Sørensen) #19

@Nils_Hitze Yep, it’s all pretty new. I just registered it last month, but eventually I’ll be selling custom made 3D printers, where the E3D will be the default hotend (unless the v6 disappoints, but I doubt that).
So @Sanjay_Mortimer can expect a lot more orders from me soon :wink:

(Nils Hitze) #20

@Thomas_T_Sorensen the west coast customs of 3dP