DXF wrongly interpreted in laserWeb 4 - Definitely a BUG

Hello. I use the appimage of laserweb 4.0.996-134 on my Linux system.

It works, but I had a strange issue with a DXF file. The drawing contains a couple of closed paths and also some polylines (joined lines+arcs), definitely OPEN paths, and correctly displayed by several programs. So the DXF is correct. In detail, this are two open polylines arranged in an polar array (circle).

Laserweb closes all (yellow colored) open paths closer to the outer border, while the inner ones are handled correctly!

I made the DXF available on my web server (because I currently cannot upload here):
http://www.hantsch.co.at/_temp/Tachoscheibe.dwg <- Original AutoCAD R14 drawing

Is this problem known and will it be fixed in next release? When will the next AppImage be available?

It is known that LaserWeb can have problems with some DXF elements. The problem seems to be based in the used dxf library, but that was not created by LaserWeb devs. It is possible that this problem has been solved in a newer versions of this library, but all frontend devs of LaserWeb have moved to other projects and don’t update LW anymore. I am the only active dev left, but I made the backend and am not familiar with the frontend.

There is a chance that the problem could be solved by updating the dependencies. I would surely accept a pull request, if somebody does that.

As a workaround I would suggest to use SVG instead.

Hello Claudio.
Thank you very much for your answer. It sounds really sad that such promising softw2are like laserweb appears to stagnate. That all devs have left, will mean that I cannot expect any further progress in Laserweb, am I right?

The situation with SVG is more complicated as it initially might appear. I use AutoCAD R14. AutoCAD can only export to DXF. So I tried to use QCAD ti convert to SVG, but hereby I loose the correct size. When opening this SVG in LaserWeb, it is much smaller thani initially drawn. So this is no practical solution.

Do you know a LINUX tool to convert .dxf -> .svg ?

Inkscape can convert between DXF and SVG. I don’t know whether you will lose units as you experienced with QCAD though. Cheap to try though!

Yes, Inkscape would be a good tool to convert DXF to SVG.
If there is a bad scaling, you can probably adjust it by the PPI setting in LaserWeb (Settings->File Settings->SVG “PX PER INCH”)