DXF viewer recommendations

To my annoyance, it looks like F360 cannot [or I do not know how] print in 1:1 scale.
I use 1:1 printed drawings for the fabrication of templates.

The suggested method is to save as a DXF and print from a viewer??

Suggestions for a dxf viewer for windows or browser that is not full of bad stuff?

It’s free to try QCAD to see if it does what you want.

When FreeCAD was taking too much time to load DXF files for use with SendCutSend.com I loaded up LibraCAD and it’s been working well. I don’t know about the 1:1 printing but often I find PDF is a good way to get 1:1. LibreCAD is 100% free and open source and is built on Qt so is also cross platform.


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Yeah, LibreCAD is a fork from qcad that isn’t “open core” and it’s what I personally use. But I had thought that Windows support was better in qcad. Maybe I’m wrong about that; I rarely touch Windows.

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As long as you’ve got a solid part, you can switch to the “Drawing” mode. :slight_smile:

I thought that I had done this before!
I did, no need for viewer.
Thanks for the suggestions though

  1. Enter the drawing workspace and configure part as a drawing
  2. Set the scale to 1:1 in the drawing view menu.
  3. Export as PDF and open document
  4. Print with these settings in the printer properties screen:
  • Actual size
  • Paper size 8.5 x 14

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Ya I often rely on the fact that PDF really tries to be to the scale originally intended and there’s less printer setup magic required.