Does MKS DLC V2 support 24V?

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i’m thinking of buying the Makerbase DLC v2 board together with TB6600 micro steppers and NEMA 23 motors to build a woodworking CNC router.

Does anybody know whether the DLC v2 can handle 24 DC volts (i think they suggest to run 12 DC volts for this board)? I think i would need 24 volts for the NEMA 23 motors…

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Pretty sure the board only supports 12V…

Thanks for the quick reply!

Is there an alternative which also allows to plug in a remote offline controller, which runs on 24volt?

I’m aware about the combo Arduino uno + cnc shield, but this does not allow offline controlling (as far as i know).

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I’m running my MKS DLCv2.0 at 24V just fine.

I’m so sorry, I forgot. I did make a pigtail to plug mine in but then realized that with only external stepper drivers I could run the logic off the USB and not connect the barrel jack for power at all, so mine is USB powered only, not connected to 24V supply.

What type of power supply are you using? I was thinking to go for a 24volts 20a power supply for 3 nema 23 stepper motors + MKS DLC. What do you think? KR, Simon

At least the MKS DLC V2.1 (current production) says that it can take 24V:

The “user manual” has almost nothing in it, but the 2.0 image says only 12V, so I think @donkjr was right about the 2.0. This might in fact be the difference between V2.0 and V2.1?


If you have the V2.1, 24V should be fine.

It’s unlikely that step sticks will be sufficient for your NEMA23 stepper motors. So you will probably want to use external stepper drivers of some sort.

For a power supply, you can just add up the current requirements. It’s unlikely that your NEMA23 motors are more than 4A each; most of the inexpensive stepper drivers top out at supplying 4A. The control board barely uses any current by comparison even if it is not USB-powered; it will fit in the safety margin.

The commonly-available 350W / 14.6A 24V meanwell power supply (what I’m using) is more than sufficient if you are running 4.5A/stepper or less for your three steppers. I am running 3.2A per stepper and have four steppers, so 3.2 * 4 = 12.8A * 24V = 307.2W.

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Many thanks for the helpful support. I’m definitely using the TB6600s as micro step driver, so will not use the default steppers on the DLC.

In terms of hardware and software: i have an imac and was thinking to CAD/CAM in Fusion 360 (guitar bodies) and use Candle and GRBL together with the MKS DLC. I would hook up an offline controller, so i can do some basic routing actions with the CNC as well. Do you think this can/will work?

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Make sure the that Gcode output of F360 (post-process) supports your control board’s firmware.
I would assume it supports GRBL but I do not know since I use TinyG and its supported by a custom post-process in F360.

I can’t speak to Apple products, I’m using Linux. And not sure what you mean by “offline controller” in the context of running Candle. I toolpath in FreeCAD and Kiri:Moto mostly, not in F360, so I also can’t help there.

While I like several features of Candle, I’ve had it lose connection with the board during a job and ruin the job, and so far UGS hasn’t done that to me, so for now at least I prefer to use UGS.


thanks for all the thoughtful replies!

i haven’t decided on anything yet in terms of software (still building the base for my CNC). I’m just mindful about the fact that i will try to run my CNC processes through a mac and I read somewhere that Candle might be a good potential Grbl controller. I’ve also read good things about UGS, so i’m also open for this one.

Michael, what i mean with offline controller is this touchscreen:

My workshop is split into 2 sections (one where i do the wood milling, one where i have a music studio with my iMac). I was thinking to link my iMac through a long USB cable with the CNC machine to carve out guitar bodies. On the other hand, i also want to leverage this CNC machine for some more basic routing stuff, hence the reason why I would buy this ‘offline controller’. Do you think this would work together with the MKS DLC?

Otherwise, do you guys see any flaws into my planning or am I on the right track?

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P.S.: complete newbie on CNC and still in desktop research mode, so happy to get all the tips that I can receive…

Just in case you haven’t found Highline Guitars his YouTube channel has been helpful as I have been trying to learn enough about luthier techniques to build an electric dulcimer.

He also uses a CNC to fab guitars and I think built his own.

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Yes, i’ve been watching Highline Guitars channel quite a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway!

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I would be weary of doing this. Unless you are using a specialty cable, or some sort of active extender kit, USB cables generally are only good for 15 feet. Even at that length I have had spotty problems with various manufacturers. Now I know they are sold, but anything longer will give you problems.

There are active USB extension cables that are basically a USB hub with some internal signaling. I’ve used one where I had to remote a device by something like 30 feet. Some of them are integrated into cables, and others I think use Ethernet wire if I recall correctly…

@SB_1987 I have no idea about that controller board, I’m sorry. The general name for such things in CNC is a “pendant” I presume because they are usually hanging by a cord near the station. Sometimes “MPG” for “Manual Pulse Generator” as well.

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Hi Michael and others,

my 2 room workshop is next to each other, so i’m talking about a couple of feet of USB cable. So no issues.

On the offline controller: I basically go to the MKS DLC, because it allows me to hook up an additional device/screen, which allows me to jog with the spindle (easily and without computer). Are you aware that the Arduino Uno + CNC shield has this option somehow? I thought not…

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The MKS DLC is basically an Arduino Uno and CNC shield all-in-one board. The TFT connector (AUX1) on the DLC is the same TX and RX pins that are on the top right corner of the Protoneer (and clones) CNC Shield. They both will support a touchscreen or other offline controller that speaks GRBL. That being said, these connectors are not a second serial port. You can use the “offline controller” OR the USB connector, but not both at the same time. They share the same serial line on the AVR. If you try to use them at the same time, you will end up with communication errors. Just something to consider while planning your setup.

Here is a link to another forum I belong too where I and others tested various controllers and TFT touchscreens.