Does MKS DLC spuport a z-axis servo?

Can you use a servo for the z axis, I have built a pin plotter for my first CNC project and I am going to build a Router soon. BUT I tried to use an Arduino CNC shield bought on AMAZON, and tried to configure it with UGS. When I came to the limit switch enable, It went into alarm mode every time. So I purchased this MKS DLCV2.0. I am powering the project with a 300 watt ATX computer supply, cause Im cheap that way

On the V2.1 what is ICSP1 for?it has GND, MOSI,VCC…RST,SCK,MISO.?
and is there a PWM for Z axis

Is MOSI the PWM for Router/Laser…TTL, can I use it to operate a servo for up/down of the pin//plotter

They really don’t have a lot of information posted about it. There seems to be more on the sales page than in the user manual, which… isn’t saying much.

I don’t see ICSP on their diagrams but that’s normally there for flashing the firmware if there is no USB “boot loader” to flash it; they normally ship with the ability to flash from USB so you don’t normally need it.

There is a port marked “servo” but I think it’s meant for the servo for a Z probe.

I found the Schematics to this V2.1 on Github. I don’t know how to copy it to this forum.
All the info is there,

Post a link to the GitHub location.

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If you hunt for it there are the Schematics, Dimensions for the board, the pin outs…

Ah that’s the new 32-bit DLC32, not the 8-bit DLCV2.0 or DLCV2.1

The equivalent for the 8-bit controllers is here:

The hardware folder has folders for V2.0 and V2.1 that have schematics and pinouts.

Thank You. This is the board I have…
I will check it out when I have time this weekend

MKS DLC V2.1_001 SCH.pdf (125.4 KB)
MKS DLC V2.1_001 SIZE.pdf (153.4 KB)
MKS DLC V2.1_001 TOP.pdf (80.5 KB)
MKS DLC V2.1_001 BOTTOM.pdf (48.5 KB)
MKS DLC V2.1_001 PIN.pdf (164.7 KB)
After checking the schematics and the pinouts it seems that the laser PWM is the TTL for the servo, With some tweaking of GRBL and UGS I think it will work fine… Otherwise I’ll have to go back to a barebones Arduino and build a Stepper shield with a proto board, I just felt like I would be reinventing the wheel. There are so many YT vids showing pin plotters, and they make it look Crazy easy, and this is my first CNC Stepper driven machine from scratch…
Ultimately I plan on building large scale router table maybe 36"x, by 48"y by 4"z. using a DeWalt 1/2hp Trim router. At that point I will be using NEMA 24’S with ACME screws and follow a manufactured design.
I’m retiring in four years and will need a full time hobby/job to occupy my time.