Do any one has edm (electro discharge machine) circuit to make it.please send me

Do any one has edm (electro discharge machine) circuit to make it.please send me some detail

Google it there’s a few sites based on a book that’s out of print now. I’ll have a look later if I get time.

There were articles a few years back in Model Engineers Workshop or Model Engineer describing how to build one.

Which kind of capacitors used in edm

Hi! I realise this is a little old thread, but figured I’d show you what i found in case you haven’t already found it.

I’m starting plans to build an EDM machine.

Loads of info at

I’m looking into going with a smoothieboard for control.

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I’m interested. I don’t know that I actually need EDM but that doesn’t make it seem like a less awesome project. :grin: Looking forward to hearing more.

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It’s sure convenient for removing a steel tap broken off in a chunk of steel.

I’ve seen some stunningly precise edms on youtube based on BaxEDM power supplies.

Appled Science is one of the people I follow on YouTube that does lots of fantastic DIY equipment projects.


Hey all! I’m moving forward & creating my own Arc Generator and planning to control it with pulses from an Arduino DUE board. This will all go onto an X-Y control board that’s controlled with a Smoothieware based board.

If all goes well within a few months I’ll have a working prototype machine. I may sell the ARC Generator, or the curcuit board & parts list so anyone interested can create their own. Well to be accurate I’m paying an expert to design the Arc Generator circuit.

Later I may consider selling machines, but for now I’m focusing on making one machine that works. I may make a youtube series when I start building. Right now it’s in planning stage. I have about 5 pages of documentation based on what i’ve learned from 3 different youtube series. Applied Science is the first one I ever saw & he learned some of his stuff from BaxEDM.

I have lots of experience with 3d printers, aquariums, electronics & welding. So why not use all that to make a large EDM station? I built a 3d printer that has a working area up to 25X25X20 inches. I’ll probably use parts from that to make a huge EDM.

Smoothieware may need a little tweak to have a movement speed control based on the voltage at the cutting location. I’d start with a laser cutter profile and go from there since the EDM would operate very much like a laser table. Hopefully that won’t be too hard. Anyone have ideas on that? I may eventually make a new topic for that, or for this project all together. I don’t mean to steal the topic from OP here, but the ARC generator IS related to the original topic.


I suggest making a new topic (we can even move your posts to a new topic if you like), and you can even do what I did for monocle — name your project, and start posting new topics under that tag for the different parts of the project.


OK, I’ll create a new topic. Just one is all I should need I think