Demand for Thing-Printer products

As @Elias_Bakken has done small production runs and has little or no inventory left for any of his devices, I thought it would be good to gather a list of people interested in his released products (that’s why Revolve isn’t listed, as that will be managed exclusively by Seeed Studios).

If any of these are items you’d like to buy more of, please fill in the poll, and if you’d like to be able to order a larger batch of them, leave a comment with an order of magnitude of the order you’d consider.
This will help evaluate demand and size of new production runs for these products.

  • Manga Screen 2 Large
  • Manga Screen 2 Small
  • Replicape

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There may not be many votes because it was extremely difficult to make a Maker Forum account. I had to keep picking different email addresses until it worked.

If really love to buy a replicape but I can’t find any stores with stock. Revolve would be even better.

Hi @Cyrrus, I’m sorry to hear that. If you had a Google+ account you should’ve been able to just say “Login with Google” and it would’ve brought you in owning your previous posts as well.

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On the early morning of April 21st, we had a site upgrade problem that resulted in restoring a very recent backup. This was how we learned that Discourse defaults to not backing up the thumbnail images that it took a week for it to generate. While it was regenerating about 30MB of thumbnails (about a week), the job system was apparently unable to keep up with emails. Once we understood that this was happening, on the 23rd I posted a site-wide pinned notice which we kept pinned until the 28th after confirming that email delivery was reliable again.

We now back up thumbnails, so this shouldn’t happen again.

Any attempt to create a new user between the 21st and the 28th of April might have been broken by this, and I asked @Cyrrus in PM for details to find out if that was the reason.

My attempts were between the 4th and 5th of May.

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Definitely not the same thing, then. Thanks for letting us know!

Hotmail is blocking the sign-up emails. This is a problem with our email service, mailgun, and we have opened a ticket with them to resolve the issue.

Therefore, it was indeed the switch to Gmail that resolved the sign-up problem.

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