Creating a new category for HalfNormal's link collection

Man you find a ton of these tools!
Do we have a way to keep these posts in one place (category).
I find my self trying to bookmark these but then cant find them when I need them.

I think we talked about another category but we have so many categories now that tags seemed to be the way to go. I propose the tag image-tools which I have now applied to this post.

Do you mean this to be just for imaging tools or all “software tools”

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Hmmm maybe software-tools would be better.

I’ve been trying to be better at tagging my posts. I’m all for a common tag that everyone can agree on.

@donkjr You can always search for my name and find them too.

With the amount of great finds you have posted, I would be fine with creating a category just for them. If the hive mind can come up with a name for the category, I am all for it.

I think said category should be called “The Toolbox” as it would contain tools of various types, potentially sub-categories for software, cnc, laser etc :slight_smile:

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I am leaning towards HalfNormal’s Toolbox. I will probably create it in the next couple of days or so. I just need to decide on subcategories to help organize it.


I suggest a category without subcategories, and labels rather than extra subcategories for further differentiation


That would work. I knew there was a reason why I keep you around. :wink:

Category has been created. Time to populate it @HalfNormal.


I moved the discussion about creating the category out of the particular out into its own thread, I hope no one minds. :slight_smile: Seems like it will make the new category cleaner as it gets populated.