Crafting to Avoid Doomscrolling

Been spending my afternoon doing some crafting and listening to chill music to try and not doomscroll on twitter. The rage that I’ve been feeling about what is happening in the US has reached a point that I’ve only experienced a few times in my life. I’ve been trying to disconnect from it and losing myself in the making of things has helped.


Anything to get away from the rubbish that’s going on is good.

I constantly invent stuff, I need to put them on here.

I live in the UK, so Trump doesn’t really factor much in my life - apart from the fact I’m completely amazed by it all.

Our government haven’t dealt with the pandemic well, and on top of that we left the EU.

Have you got a spare room for a 50 year old couple? I promise to bring my toys! 2 FDM printers, 1 MSLA, CNC and K40 made great by this forum !


This what I loved about G+ at its best — a flood of stuff people had worked on. Full of new ideas. It’s why I spent months pulling that content over here. I’d love to see what you’re working on! Please do share!


I will. The problem is, I usually make it because I need it, so I change the design, make it, change it again, modify it a bit for the next part etc.

I dont always end up with complete files.

I’ll get into the groove and share - this has been the most helpful forum I’ve been on. Lots of forums look down on you, if you make a mistake, or don’t search etc. That has put me off in the past, you end up using rather than contributing.

I’ve got some things in the bag, I will re-create them. I think a lot of it is promoting self help and research. It won’t be about what I make, more about the journey.


That’s spot on. I think we learn more from journeys than from destinations. :slight_smile:


Ned are those boxes or cubes of wood? I love the inlay!


Thanks :slight_smile: They are 2" black walnut cubes with maple veneer inlays and finished with wipe on poly.

I’ve even made a rotating stand for them.


That is awesome, Ned. I fully approve of these awesome Masonic projects!