Connecting Huanyang VFD spindle inverter to mks sbase 1.3

Hi, i have an mks sbase 1.3 board and i need to control a Huanyang VFD spindle inverter.
Can anyone help me with the setup and wiring?

Firmware: smoothieware latest cnc
VFD: Vevor 1.5 KW


What’s your preferred mode of control? Last I played with it, Smoothieware supports PWM and modbus / RS-485 for Huanyang VFDs.

There’s a sample config with pins for spindles on Smoothieware here:

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thanks, I’ll let you know

Hi @cilynx, are the connections correct?
is pwm_period = 50000 suitalble for yl620 400hz vfd?

# Analog spindle settings

spindle.enable            true
spindle.type              analog         # [Default pwm]     Analog can also be used for ESC spindles controlled by a PWM.
spindle.pwm_pin           2.3            # [Default nc]      PWM output pin.  Must be hardware PWM capable.  (See
spindle.min_rpm           100            # [Default 100]     Minimum RPM when spindle is on.
spindle.max_rpm           24000          # [Default 5000]    Maximum RPM at 100% PWM.
spindle.pwm_period        50000          # [Default 1000]    PWM period in microseconds.
spindle.switch_on_pin     2.6            # [Default nc]      Optional output pin used to enable the VFD.

However I would prefer to just start/stop it without control the rpm because
i want to control rpm via VFD.

@mcdanlj it seems like you addressed the problem in this post but I can’t find the solution

I didn’t get it working, but didn’t try very hard either. I worked on other projects instead.

Looking at the yl620 docs you linked, the factory PWM frequency is 8kHz which would be 125 microseconds in the config. Your wiring looks reasonable.