Comparing 3D printing model websites objectively to find a winner

A great video for new 3D printer owners looking to find printable models.

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Simple answer: no site has a monopoly on good models, so search with and get the models wherever they are. :grin:

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Very true!
This video gives a good comparison of what the sites do and do not offer. If you use yeggi to search, at least you will know what site is the best to download from with least hassle.

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Always also encourage everyone to learn 3d modeling to really get the most out of their cnc and 3d printers.

The options to do models is almost overwhelming and there are options for everyone’s learning style

  • CAD
  • Polygonal modeling
  • Parametric (coding, node based, and probably a ton more options)
  • Metaball modeling
  • Photogrammetry
  • AI and neural learning software (Nerfs and the new one I can’t remember the name for)
  • 3d scanning
  • Grey scale painting (including this because I had a colleague that was really awesome creating cnc pattern by painting with grey scale)