CNC makes a woodturning tool

Completed a bowl bottom finishing chuck for my lathe.

This was a perfect application for my CNC as I needed to make two of them and they needed to have a center recess and an array of slots that were accurately placed.

Still figuring out the whole “chip load” speed and feed thing out but getting closer.

I found that I have fallen into the newbie trap of feeding to SLOW for my spindle speed. I typically run at about 32ipm cause the cutting sounds good. By calculation for my spindle speed, I could run almost 5x that. I can’t imagine my CNC running >100 IPM in plywood. So I guess I need to slow down the spindle?

The problem I have is that my spindle motor controller will not go slow enough …uggh!
For that reason, I cannot slow down the spindle speed to match the feed ability of my CNC.

This known problem came back to bite me.


Looks like a face plate to me! :slight_smile:

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