Changes to Fusion 360 for personal use

Some functionality that was previously free in Fusion 360 for personal use will only be available to subscribers. Learn more about what’s changing below.

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True but they had a killer deal this year for the entire suite including Eagle for something like $100.
Hope they keep it up.

@donkjr Is that the startup deal?

As I see it, that’s not crazy different in price from the EAA membership that gives access to aggressively non-commercial academic solidworks license ($99 for three years). And I think Fusion still allows making a little money even off the free version, which Dassault doesn’t on SolidWorks.

They told me that is was just a special deal, not startup I don’t think.
All I know is I have access to the entire F360 suite :)!

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Is it currently available? Or past tense?

One difference I’ve noticed between SolidWorks and F360 is that F360 seems to have a more modern graphics pipeline and runs smooth on GeForce, whereas SolidWorks complains that I don’t have a Quadra and gets really slow when components have any transparency.

I see comments on HaD, $100 in January 2020 for 2020 year subscription fee.

I found the correspondence. One time offer but I would Try emailing:
Lourdes Vasquez

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Fusion 360 Total Exporter

Need to export all of your fusion data in a bunch of formats? We’ve got you covered. This will export your designs across all hubs, projects, files, and components. It exports them in STL, STEP, and IGES format. It also exports the sketches as DXF files. In addition to those, an f3d/f3z file will be exported for each component/assembly file in all of your projects, across all hubs. It doesn’t ask what you want written out, it just writes out the latest version of everything, to the folder of your choice.


Note that you can’t have non-ascii characters in project names or fusion will choke. Not a bug in the export script, a bug in fusion. Rename all projects with non-ascii characters. European users are a bit :roll_eyes: about this…


Update: I can renew my Fusion subscription again for $100 :grinning: