Can someone help what could be the issue with my 3d printer

I’m quite new to 3d printing world and i recently bought Creality CR 6 SE

On Sunday i did some prints and they were all good, but today when i tired to print what exactly i did yesterday, i got issues, please refer to attached image.

What i already tried:

  1. perform auto leveling at least 4 times but no luck
  2. aligned Z axis, again i tried it many times
  3. Change the place where to printing
  4. i did everything again to generate g-code

Printer is heating up properly like 200C for nozzle and 60C for bed
Filament is quite new and I’m continuing the same filament from yesterday’s printing

Have you cleaned the print surface with alcohol? Preferably 99%, but whatever you got should be ok.

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If you see filament closely, its not getting together. for example while building skirt area all three layers are separate from each other, they are normally stick together that does not look like a cleaning issue, its look more likely its not hot ten enough to glue each others, but still i will give it a try.

FYI cleaning did not work.

I’d check bed tempterature, maybe do a PID tune on it.

Ahh, I didn’t zoom in on that picture at first. Now that I do, it looks like the first layer height is to high. You can see the filament is pretty round. It should be flattened out a little. This is why the loops are not sticking together, or to the bed.

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While doing past printing my room temperature was 76F but now its 71F can it effect? rough temperatures set on the printer are correct.
Why do i need to set Z Axis every time before print? is it something normal or there could be some issue?

No, room temperature should not affect this.

Does this printer have both a Z end stop switch somewhere and a bed probe, or does it use just a bed probe?

There is a Z end stop switch, I believe by bed probe you mean sensor that is installed right beside the extruder triggers when it touches the bed. Yes that one is also installed.

If that is the case how can i fix it? every time i set Z axis before printing with a paper under it.

Check your slicer settings.

In Simplify3D, there is a setting Process Settings>Advanced>Layer Modifications>Start printing at height. (I have this disabled so it uses the height in Process Settings>Layer>First Layer Settings>First Layer Height)

In Repetier Host, using the CuraEngine slicer, this would be Print>Speed and Quality>Quality>Selected Quality Setting>First Layer Height.

In Slic3r, it is Print Settings>First Layer Height.

I zero my nozzle on the bed, so then the first layer is whatever height is specified in my layer settings. Since you zero with paper, it will start printing at whatever your first layer height is, plus the thickness of the paper, which is usually too high in my experience.