Can anyone help to identify this component? Code:Si16xx / TSOT23-6

Thanks in advance.

You’ll want to share more than that to improve chances of success…

I see they are next to an inductor each, so boost, or maybe buck switching power regulators seem likely; that’s a common package for them.

But hiding most of the item they are on and not telling us anything about it doesn’t help others help you!

It looks like it might be worth reading this section from our FAQ on how to get good help here on Maker Forums — and really, anywhere else on the internet, or even off the internet!

How to ask for help

Paul Stoffregen, of Teensy fame, wrote How to get technical help from strangers on the Internet. Please read it before asking for help, here on Maker Forums, or on any other forum. From his summary:

  1. Good first impression ⇒ Humans will want to help
  2. Explain context ⇒ Humans will understand your needs
  3. Share details ⇒ Humans will be able to help
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