Cabinet scraper sharpening jig

This is the simple jig I use to sharpen my cabinet scrapers:

Single cut file at 90 degrees to the edge of the scraper

Hone the edge

Lightly roll the edge against the burnishing tool


How do you determine the angle for the burnishing tool? I assume you have a hole drilled to set the angle for it?

I set up my drill press to drill a hole into the jig for the burnisher at an accurate angle and this sets the angle for the burnisher and therefore the wire edge.

BTW the angle is not super critical just that you turn a burr. You can adjust the angle of the scraper when using it. In use, the scraper is slightly bent into a curve with your thumbs.

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OK, “not super critical” makes sense to me. It looked like 5° or so in the picture but wasn’t sure I was seeing it right. Good to know that I wouldn’t have to break out the sine plate to get the right angle on a jig. :grin: Thanks!