BullseyeBore Core - Why didn't I think of that!

Not sure if it’s worth $129.00!

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Very cool, but yeah, maybe $30…Maybe.

My favorite no-cost way of drilling straight enough.

CD: Just lay a CD on the surface and drill within its center hole while looking from above. You can easily see if the hand drill is straight as the reflection of the drill becomes centered.

Level: glue a calibrated circular bubble on the back of your drill. Put the drill in a vise vertical and then glue the level with the bubble in the center.

Angle iron: cut a length of bed frame angle iron and affix it to the end of a handle. Lay the angle on the surface and let its crotch guide the drill.



I seem to have run out of AOL CDs and for some reason they quit sending me free ones. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: