Bought a X1 carbon

OK, I said that I was going to build a Voron but saw some prints from the X1 and could not believe the quality. So I pulled the plug and will be a proud owner in a few weeks.

Any further word on the log files being decrypted?

Not yet. If you are tech savvy, you really do no need to be net connected to use the printer. Also the information available in the Bambu logs about you is already out there if you use the net. Not good for users now but sure it will get fixed.

Congrats! Hopefully you enjoy your X1 as much as I’ve enjoyed my P1P. The print quality is on another level as compared to my Anycubic Mega.

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@Oscar Your enthusiasm was one of the reasons for buying one.

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Setting up the software and here is what is states;

Do you want to synchronize your personal data from Bambu Cloud?
It contains the following information:

  1. Process presets
  2. Filament presets
  3. Printer presets

Here’s the latest I’ve seen:

While I personally don’t want a Bambu due in part to their particularly actively anti-open-source positioning, and I think that hiding the contents of the logs from users does not engender trust, it looks like the claims made about sending the encrypted log controls even in lan mode were probably exaggerated at best.

The print quality is both higher and more consistent than any printer I’ve used. Definitely better than any I owned before getting a X1C.

I do regret buying a P1S instead of a second X1C as now I’m spoiled by the better controller, webcam, and handling of multi-plate 3mf files. I’ve come close but haven’t quite pulled the trigger on selling the P1S and using the money toward another X1C. Maybe in the new year, though.


I’m loving my X1C. Not thrilled about the company policies and such, hence low brand loyalty, but at the moment I don’t think any other consumer printer comes close. My alternative was a Mk4 and I am so happy I did not go for that. (I did not want a printer-project, I wanted to print.)