Board mount connector suggestions


New guy here. Lifetime tinkerer, fairly new to making my own stuff.

Working on a small project and trying to figure out what would make the best components to use.

I’m making a small PCB relay board that will be mounted in an enclosure on the side of a generator. Basically an interface between a controller I have and the wiring of the generator itself.

The control signals will come from an RJ45 jack/cable that connects to controller, routing through the different relays & circuits, then needs to split out into a number of leads that go into the generator wiring itself as well as some external components.

Trying to determine the best kind of PCB mount connectors that have some kind of a catch/release tab to keep the connectors secure due to being mounted on a constantly vibrating generator frame. Needs to support up to 14awg wire.

Thanks in advance

I should have specified – trying to avoid screw terminal-type connectors. Prefer something that snaps in.

Here’s a post that links to what I expect is just the book you want. :smiling_face:

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More particularly, has the “Select a connector” at helped you find any good candidates?

Thank you so much for the response!

What a great suggestion!

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