Blueprints for a turntable for a 3D scanner?

I have a hobby 3D scanner arriving in a couple of days, does anyone know where I can find some blueprints for a turntable or rig for my source objects, 3d printed, laser cut or hand made with wood would all be good.

Otherwise, I’ll use my old cake turntable from my airbrush booth

Printables seems like a good place to start: Printables

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I was hoping for a recommendation of a good turntable, rather than just places where I might find several different ones.

I just used bamboo ones purchased at a local Target or was it Walmart.

Your request was not clear or specific. You still have not stated whether you wanted a manual or automatic turntable and whether you wanted to integrate it with the scanner.

You also did not mention your comfort level on how complicated or simple you wanted the project.

We are all here to help so please do not take offense when we do not understand your initial request.

One week ago I wasn’t even aware that anyone made an affordable 3D scanner, and it had never even occurred to me that you might want to 3D print or laser cut a turntable for one.

I don’t know what questions people might ask, let alone what the answers might be.

Hence why I came to a forum rather than just googling it.

@Aaargh_Zombies folks here initially interpreted “where” generally as in wondering where one might find plans, as opposed to a request for folks to share specific plans they knew of. :smiling_face:

If you start with your airbrush turntable, then you’ll find out whether it’s annoying and what you want to do differently?

I don’t use one yet, but I’ve pondered making one for video-based photogrammetry.

It matters a lot what size turntable you want. If you are scanning, say, miniatures, here’s a cheap and easy unit with a speed control. The pictures seem to do a good job of describing how to put it together.

If you don’t like that one, maybe describe what you don’t like about it to help narrow down the search?

(There were a tremendous number of variations when I searched on which is a search engine across many different model hosting sites.)

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My technique is to google a subject or thing and read about it, read about how other used it or their likes and dislikes about certain aspects of it. I would then look around for what I was able to narrow down as the thing(s) I should try to get and only then might I ask what a certain group, here, might think of it or going down that path.

But I too will sometimes get lazy and ask someone about X, Y or Z when I know they’ve had experience with it and could probably discuss the subject without any research on their part. I feel bad when I was wrong and they’d forgotten what they’d done and had to do the research I should have down. I’ll stop here.