August Woodturning Works

The shop has been active this month… :slight_smile:

TEMPLE: Kauri from New Zealand



SAND DUNES: Myrtle [do you see the sand dunes?]

PERFECT STORM: Spalted Aspen (local harvest)


Awesome work! Love the Dunes one. :heart:

I shared this post on FB and it came out like this black blob ???
When you click on it, it does resolve to this post.

@donkjr That’s unfortunate. I don’t know how facebook chooses an image (or, I guess, not an image, as here) and I’m not even on facebook to look. Have you successfully shared posts with images before? Did you share from mobile or desktop? It looks like you shared by copying a link or by clicking the facebook icon in the “share” button at the bottom of the post.

I see that facebookexternalhit/1.1 comes right after search crawlers and our own slack as the next most popular robot “user agent” that accesses the site.

From the logs, facebook first got, then the makerforums logo via and then which was the first picture in the post, so it definitely got the right image to post. Then it fetched the site logo in SVG via Maybe it was an unfortunate bug on facebook’s side — but it did ask for and receive the right picture from makerforums.

I did it from desktop.
Yes the last posts I shared with images worked perfectly.
I shared with the FB share link.

Sounds like problem is on the facebook side, then. I checked all those URLs in my browser (that’s how I figured out what they were) and they worked fine.

Very sorry for that to happen to such a beautiful picture!