Anyone have ideas about VFD spindles with MT/R8 bores?

I’d like to move to a VFD spindle. I’d also like to keep using my existing tooling: fly cutter, boring head, arbor for gear cutters, all of which are solid shank. Has anyone experience with spindles that are anything other than ERxx noses? I feel like some of my tooling needs a spindle with a through hole and drawbar to keep it secure.
A possibility is to use a VFD spindle to drive my existing spindle (just replace the motor) but that seems like goofy overkill and added weight to be using milling-grade spindle bearings on something that’s just a motor.

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What type of machine is this going on?

Is your current motor somehow integrated with your existing R8 spindle? If not, is there a reason you wouldn’t just use a three-phase motor driving your current spindle?

What power do you need?

Here’s an interesting thread that might be useful.

It suggests among other things AC servo motors like