Anyone have any opinions on the Langmuir MR1 cnc router? They claim it's capable of steel and titanium

The videos look pretty impressive. I can’t help but notice, though, that they have unshielded ballscrews and linear ways on a machine throwing TONS of chips everywhere. But I could put way covers on them. Most of the specs look reasonable, although I’m unclear on how they hit that price. As far as I could tell they don’t actually specify if it’s stepper motor or servo based. Still, it looks like a lot of machine for about $4500.
I originally noticed it because the ad they’re playing shows a guy milling a custom valve cover for a non-stock engine in the car I have, which also has a non-stock engine.

(ob. discl., I work for a competitor, Carbide 3D)

We had to work very hard to get a series of wipers which would allow our ball screw machines to run reliably:



That’s cool. I’ve looked at Carbide’s stuff, too. And yeah, from everything I’ve read and from my experience, getting chips on ballscrews seems like the worst idea.
If you were getting a cnc mill for a home shop, what would you be looking at?

It seems like telescoping helical spring ball screw covers aren’t terribly expensive; do they not work well?

I am really looking forward to replacing my Shapeoko Pro XXL and Shapeoko 3 XL w/ HDZ w/ a Shapeoko 5 Pro 4x2 size w/ a Sweepy Pro dust shoe.

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What I think about when I draw up plans for my own is A: keeping the ballscrews out of the same space, and B: putting shields around them, and C: pressurizing those shields to some extent so at least some air is blowing out of them the whole time the system is running. I’ve got okay shields on the current mill and there’s still LOTS of debris in there when I pull them off to clean the ways and Y leadscrew.