Anyone ever cut Delrin (Acetal) sheets?

Anyone ever cut Delrin (Acetal) sheets? I have an inquiry to do some special gaskets .01” thick but my laser is in the middle of me installing a Peltier cooling system so I can’t even do a test cut.

It’s possible. Before I got my own laser I had ordered a couple leather stamps that were laser engraved onto delrin pieces. The guy that did it was using an older co2 laser.

I’ve cut 1/16" delrin for a few projects. Cuts pretty nice. Just leaves a little residue on the bed.

What power level and cutting speed did you use to cut 1/16" thick delrin?

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I’d cut some Delrin to make some gears a few years ago on my K40 CO2 laser. IIRC it was 2-3mm thick and was tricky getting the air assist and power tuned well enough to keep the melting down. Too much heat and it’ll melt back quite a bit away from the cut.


I lasercut 3/32" and 1/16" thick delrin from time to time. I make guitar picks for myself. Cuts well.