Anycubic cloud server hacked

It’s all over the internet but just in case someone has not seen it, Anycubic cloud server was hacked.

They are working to fix the identified issue.

Updated firmware is supposed to be released on 5 March.

DevOps rule of thumb; replace the phrase ‘in the cloud’ with ‘on somebody else’s computer’.

I’m missing something. What’s the connection between their cloud server being hacked and a firmware update? (Fixing anything in firmware isn’t going to fix a vulnerability in their cloud software, I mean…)

lol. Good question. I have no clue. There is a clear disconnect.

Cleaning up their server security should fix the issue.

Unless they are talking about their server software…???

The best I can imagine is that they have a security flaw on their servers that their current firmware depends on for “cloud function” and that they have decided to update all the firmware before fixing their server vulnerability, prioritizing functionality over security.


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look, Squirrel.