Another Stanley tool recovery

I was recently in NY visiting my sister-in-law, the wife of my late wood-turning mentor. She told me that I could have whatever I wanted from his shop. Among wood-turning stuff, I found a scraper and a plane. The plane is a No. 65 1/2 low-angle plane [not in my plane collection plans].

The strangest thing is that a month ago I discovered the #82 scraper when reading about Stanley tools and thought it was interesting. I subsequently added it to my to-acquire list.

Very weird … As you can see the tools were in need of a refurb.


Very nice work!

Incidentally, I love those straight-knurled rounded brass knobs on the plane. Clickspring recently had a video showing making some like that. That video landed that kind of knobs on my “I’d like to make some like that some day” list.