Another Google+ data update finished

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For now, do not edit posts tagged as #gplus — that tag is reserved for posts that were imported from Google+. I may run this process again from time to time if I discover additional improvements I can make. Additional comments are fine, and modifying the auto-generated post titles to improve them should be fine as well.

I previously ran a process to fix up many, but not all, of the posts imported from Google+ that say somewhere, generally at the end of the post, missing/deleted image from Google+ This was, in some cases, due to limitations in earlier versions of the export tool I used to get Google+ data to import. Later versions have found some of those missing images and posts imported later have had fewer of these messages. My first attempt to fix this up imported 7.5GB of videos and images but due to a bug in my fixup script, those videos and images have mostly been removed by an automated process. I therefore made another attempt to fix up the missing images.

I back-filled some missing images, and now also some videos, with data recovered by using newer versions of the export tool.

I may rewrite any imported post or topic, whether or not it has that missing/deleted image from Google+ message, because earlier versions of the exporter may have failed to notice that any images or videos were attached to the post. Additionally, I have fixed various formatting problems from time to time during the import process. Therefore, I suggest that everyone refrain from editing their old Google+ content, even to fix typos, until after I have finished this process. I’ll post an all-clear when I’m done.

If you have deleted an imported post, I intend for this process to leave it deleted.

While this process will fix a lot of missing images, there are thousands of images that simply are no longer available for a variety of reasons, not all of which I know. Therefore, there will still be missing images after this update is finished.

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