Alignment issue: shifting in both direction on Y axis while rastering

Alignment issue
Who can help me !
Iam using k40 whisper on a brand new computer and a brand new laser cutter with a M2 board .


Is that turned 90° from how it’s printed?

Does the laser head move smoothly and easily on the gantry?

Are the belts loose?

The picture is 90 turned and there is a slight resistance difference in de y Axis movement
The belts are tight

It’s fairly clearly sometimes losing sync; either jumping teeth on the timing belt or losing steps. If the belt is tight it’s unlikely to be jumping teeth, so it’s more likely losing steps. It shifts in both directions, too.

Does it get better if you engrave more slowly?

What are your engraving settings?

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I would test with something that is much simpler.
Try a simple shape with equal x and y dimensions.

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I changed the halftone dithering setting from 500 DPI to 200 DPI the problem is solved
Thanks for your response
Have a nice Christmas :evergreen_tree:

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Glad your problem is resolved and thank you for letting us know the solution.

That’s a bit weird though. Seems like a bug maybe? What do you think @Scorch?

Many people use the default resolution without problem. It may be a mechanical or data interuption issue. Reducing the resolution reduces the amount if data being tranfered (that may have masked the issue). There is not a definitive solution to data issues. People suggest trying a different USB cable.