Academic resources for CNC

Has anyone been tracking academic theses and dissertations?

One notable work is:

“Hierarchical Volumetric Object Representations for Digital Fabrication Workflows”
by Matthew Keeter

which was a documentation of his projects such as:

which grew into:


I used to follow cutting edge techonology papers for a while but as I’ve gotten older and killed more of my brain cells with quality adult beverages not as much.

I looked at the paper and first thing that struck me was how dated it felt. Then I saw the date of the paper. Its over a decade old. Most modern CAD and 3d modeling software have volumetric re-meshing that mostly fixes manifold issues.

Thank you for sharing. A fun read. Technologies are moving at lightning speed. Blink and you lost the bubble.

I’ve been looking at AI research papers a bit lately focused on height map generation.

On another forum, we had a short discussion on super ellipses and that sent me looking for thesis papers on how it could possibly be implemented without a cnc. I am afraid my math was not up the task. My math degree is just a piece of paper. If you don’t use it, you lose it.


Emmett Lalish wrote a description of his Manifold library which isn’t an academic paper. He suggests a paper may be coming. But it’s quite interesting as it is.

More in his Manifold posts on his blog:


This seemed interesting:

(but not sure how many folks here use a tablet and stylus)