A New, Fully Modular ESP32 CNC Controller by Barton Dring



Wow, the… something… sure came out of the woodwork on HAD when they posted about it. I guess that’s to be expected; they don’t really do anything to discourage poor behavior in their comments.


You will find the haters everywhere. I bet you would have loved to have this available when you were getting your ESP32 working.

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Well, actually, for the OX the smaller boards should be fine, and I did buy a couple. They just arrived after I switched “temporarily” to the DLC board in order to do my first few cuts, and I keep not getting around to swapping in one of his boards to find out whether my real problem was the hack I put together, or my external stepper drivers not working right at 3.3V. And since then I’ve kept doing other things.

I wish that the commenters pointing to grblHAL hadn’t been so acerbic towards Bart. grblHAL looks very interesting and I’d been unaware of it before so I’m glad to have learned of it.

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Yeah it’s kind of funny when someone doesn’t like the idea of a product, they don’t say to themself in their internal monologue “wow that’s not for me” and move on. Instead they need to let the world know that they don’t like it, or feel the need to tear it down. This person obviously put a lot of time and thought into trying to make a very modular system. I’m all for products with expandable capability. That being said something trying to be a Swiss Army Knife comes with its own downsides and hurdles. But I certainly appreciate the effort.


these days, people on the internet know everything… and they can make everything perfect !

I love the idea of being modular, you could run CNCjs or other popular interface on top once you got it working if you don’t like the software.