50W Blue Laser won't fire

There’s an issue I’ve been having for a couple weeks now. When I send a job to my Blue 50W laser…it moves a couple inches, stops and beeps. Never does the job or fires the laser. The controller display has never worked since I’ve had it for about a year. I control and send jobs to the machine using LightBurn…so if it’s giving an error on the screen I can’t see it anyways. I thought maybe it was the LB software…but even if I press the Pulse button as soon as it boots up…again, just beeps and doesn’t fire. I’ve recently changed the laser tube and also changed the power supply, so I can rule those two things out.

Is there anything else I should check…or would you suggest that it is the controller?

Updating this thread because it’s still not solved…still working on this issue.

I bought a new PSU from Cloudray and installed it…and the laser still doesn’t fire. I contacted them and they said if the buttons light up on the PSU that the issue has to be with tube. Well it was a new tube as well, maybe a month old from Light Object. But they insisted it has to be the tube if I press the test button on the PSU and there’s no beam at the tube. So I bought another laser tube, installed it and still nothing. No beam at the tube when I press the test button on the PSU.

I currently am still at step one here since I’ve changed the PSU and the laser tube twice and it’s still doing the exact same thing (not firing) it was before I changed those things.

Any other ideas will be appreciated…

Gonna take a look at the water flow sensor next. Have ordered one on ebay and will update this thread with the results once it arrives and is installed.

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The water flow sensor you should be able to test with a multimeter.