5 axes Head - Table CNC machine

Hi, I would like Grblgru sw could simulate the behaviour of a 5 axes CNC machine having a rotating Head and a rotating table. The rotating axes should be the B and C according to the conventions.
In other words the B is a rotation around Y and C around Z axis.
Can anyone add this type of 5 axis machine to Grblgru SW ?


GrblGru isn’t open source software, so only @GrblGru can do that.

You’re right. So far GrblGru is not an open source project.
But a special feature of GrblGru is the possibility to import your own 3D models.
These models are then used to graphically simulate the loaded GCode.
For this you need a rough 3D model of your machine.
There is a little guide “Import 3D Model” on my website. https://www.grblgru.com/
Please have a look at it.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you. :slight_smile:

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Yes I have already read the guide that says you can only import a 3d model IF your machine TYPE is selected. Unfortunately my 5 axes machine type does’n fit in the 5 axes types listed.
Infact I have a rotating head and a rotating bed. If you think to the axes of a Prusa printer the head attached to X axis rotates around Y axis, the bed attached to y axis rotates around Z axis.
This 5 axes machine is classified as Head Table type with B and C rotating axes and is non listed among the machine types available in your sw. I will be glad and grateful if you could add it to the list because I could use your sw to simulate the movements of my custom built CNC machine.
Many thanks in advance.


Okay, understand. But it would be very helpful if I had a rough sketch.
If you can send me a handwritten sketch, I will try to create a principle model of it. However, if you already have a 3D model, it would be easier.

I have not a 3d model yet but if you see the attached image of a prusa like CNC you can easily imagine the machine with a rotating spindle and a rotating bed.
This type of machine can operate as Lathe with the spindle in orizontal position and the rotating bed, as carving with the spindle in vertical position and the bed with no rotation, as 5 axes machine with both spindle and bed rotations.


I have uploaded a new beta version V3.42.5 to my website.
It contains a new machine type “BUX” and also a machine with the same name.
I hope that will help you. :slight_smile:

Have fun with GrblGru


Now that is customer service!


:smiley::smiley::blush::blush::blush:Wonderful !! Thank you very much !!
I am going to test it…
I hope this will be helpful also for you !