1000W fiber laser project

Not enclosed as far as I can tell, and $15K, but he’s identified parts that can run on typical US residential power.

I’m not building one.


Equal parts terrifying and cool. I wonder what their power bills look like during a busy week of cutting.


Probably a lot less than their bottled gas bills per unit of cutting…


Thanks for posting.

Fours years back I worked as a facilities manager at Otherlab where one of the projects was developing a fiber laser cutter.
The laser they sourced was a fair bit more expensive and slightly more powerful than the one shown in video.
Their machine runs on a 120V 20A circuit, so not much more power then a typical house circuit.
Original version of the machine used the facility compressed air which had a drier to remove moisture in the system.
The machine can also can be set up to use nitrogen for stainless or argon if titanium is being cut.
FabLight link

Again … thanks so much for posting, I’ll be watching the progress of his machine.

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