Zane's carriage cooling fan

Hey Eric,

Do you have any idea if the cooling fan duct was designed to work with am E3D silicone sock? I tried installing the cooling fan duct with a sock and it didn’t sit correctly and pushed the duct below the plane of the nozzle. With the sock removed, running the cooling fan at 80% I noticed the heater couldn’t maintain the hotend higher than 215C, even though it was set to 235C.

Has any else had this problem? I think the ultimate solution is to redesign the cooling fan duct to include the extra spacing needed around the hotend for the sock, but I figured I would see if anyone did it before trying myself.

It works for me… But with the old e3d heat block and an aftermarket sock. The new heat block with sock has interference. It can work with a little trimming, but it needs a redesign.

Thanks Eric, I took the poor mans way out and just snipped it to fit, solved my heating issues!

Sorry for the delay, I do have a modification to address it in the latest version to avoid that. I also added in some turning channels in there to try and direct the airflow a little more evenly.

One thing I found is if you throw a couple of washers behind the part cooling fan where it bolts up to the carriage it moves the duct back and you can get that to fit with the old design. But now with the new setup it should be better.