Z-motor mount: I'd like two motors down there,

Z-motor mount: I’d like two motors down there, where can I find the printed bracket? Its not on the youmagine site, and the one I have was printed by someone else.

Which variant? picture would help.

I have it. Let me find it and post it

This one: https://drive.google.com/a/millertwinracing.com/file/d/0B09sUvvteXCBWVB6aDZCQnMzcFk/edit?usp=sharing


That should be it.

Thanks! I got one motor wired up, but there’s a whole lot of deflection in the aluminum shaft and the driver is working a whole lot harder than is like. (.8 v wouldn’t stand a chance at lifting it.)

Thanks Brian. Printed, and nearly ready for service. (Have to relocate the PSU)