Your opinion on this "new" Printer?

Your opinion on this “new” Printer?

I like that they’re local to me, at least in the same country. Their website on iPad is atrocious. Pricing not great. I can’t actually even tell if they’re using a Bowden design or a regular full extruder. I can see the x carriage is belted, so the XY bot is not quite the design of ultimaker & makibox[1], but the overall design seems to be “Z platform plus XY carriage”, descended all the way from Darwin, as opposed to most others now that are like Mendel a YZ platform plus X carriage configuration.

[1] Independently driven X and Y sets of moving bars and an XY carriage that stays at the intersection of those, as opposed to the more common long Y carriage with an entire X axis and X carriage mounted on top of it, which this thing seems to use. The render looks like it might use that design, but with the X motor moved off the Y carriage.

They’re a lot more vaporwarey than makibox ever was, especially with the promise of shipping the thing within five days. If they actually have it ready to go it almost has to be a LaserCut RepStrap Darwin with minor mods.

I couldn’t find a single picture of the printer on their website - all they’re showing is the same render over and over. Information on the actual printer is scarce at best, so with no basis to judge it on, i’ll just stick it in the vaporware bin, just like @Jasper_Janssen did.

Woow, finally another printer without any special features.
At least they didn’t kickstart it…

You can see an actual example printing here. It looks very solidoodley…