Yet another IKEA lamp mod for here but the first one I've done! the

Yet another IKEA lamp mod for here but the first one I’ve done! the fire mode looks particularly nice

Sweet! I was just at IKEA and had to restrain myself from buying a bunch of lamps they had that would be sweet for my blinky LED experiments :slight_smile:

Looks great! I have several of those lamps, first one just has one vertical strip, another has a spiral matrix like yours. Would love to see more pics/details, if you have any. Always on the lookout for better techniques. :slight_smile:

@Jason_Coon I’m a seriously terrible documenter if I’m not getting cash money for it so I don’t have any build pics or anything…! It’s all pretty basic though - hardware is a cardboard tube with a spiral of lights, laid out using a coin to keep the spacing as regular as possible which works well. Wiring wise it’s just fed power top and bottom, the leds are arranged top down, single strip. The leds are mapped but done by me writing a program with the dimensions of the spiral used to generate the mapping rather than using my webcam automapper thingy that I wrote. I’ll see if I can be arsed to do another vid that shows the patterns on a flat screen instead and also show the audio reactive part of it (it’s in my pals house so less easy to do more videos). I vaguely remember having a hard time making the IR remote work right but eventually got it to behave most of the time, it doesn’t like the remote being pointed anywhere but exactly at the receiver, it was one of those cheap little chinese ones so there’s probably a better alternative.

Those cheapy IR remotes have weak signals and (for me at least) give wonky results when decoding. I’ve had much better success using a repurposed TV univeral remote, or my personal favorite an old Roku remote.

Just the right distance from the LED’s to the diffuser and a nice quality diffuser that that gives just the right effect.

I’ve also found that if I can still see the LED’s clearly, that I can stuff some polyester fiberfill in front of them, which will make up for too small a distance or a poor diffuser.