Would you accept this? Shabby Mirrors, bent mounts

Yesterday i received my first K40.
The laser ran for approx. 5 minutes (real tube activity) and i cannot believe these 5 minutes caused the mirrors to look like this. (photo attatched)
And is it normal that the mounts for the bed are not in 90° to the housing?
Am i too picky?
Or did i receive a rather trashy specimem and should contact the seller?

Unfortunately that’s some what typical for stock mirrors. It’s not acceptable in my opinion. But it’s generally recommended to replace the stock mirrors anyway with some better quality mirrors.

The side you are showing look more like the backs. Is that the most reflective side?

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I wish it was the back side. It is in deed the “reflective” side.
What about the mounting stands? They should be facing the lord in the skies directly right?

That looks like it took some beating. I would contact the seller.

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Mine was the same. Standoffs sitting at an angle. Removed the stock bed and tightened up the standoffs. Replaced the bed with expanded steel. Working well so far.

Mirrors weren’t too bad on mine. Running stock ones for now until new mirror mounts and head comes in, then its upgrade time.


I have sent the pics to the seller and told him that we talk about how to deal with them when i have the machine fully inspected.
I wanted to change the bed anyways so that is not a big issue.
The machine is working fine. 5mm Plywood was cut nicely.
I think i will be offered a partial refund, but i was wondering what a 40w tube costs, so maybe i
would accept a tube instead of a refund.
How much do you pay for a 40w laser tube?
Or which part of the machine would you want as a spare part?

I would get a LPS it will eventually fail!


A new tube can cost at least $150. Also tubes can degrade over time so it’s better to buy a new tube at the time you need it.

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WOW. thanks for your input. We are very well met!

So whats the prize of a LPS vs 3Mirror + 1 Lens Kit?