Working with DXFs

For folks who need to dig into this at a low level there is a DXF reference at:

Should be pretty straight-forward to add support for it in:

To start, we will begin with 4 quarter circle arcs, and the full circle.

The full circle is obviously a stand-alone command, while the quarter circle arcs will need to fit in with the existing modus operandi of being like to G-code and will need to work from current position to next position.

Since a circle is made up of four quarter circle arcs, it makes sense to implement those first. A further consideration is that G-code arcs are directional, clockwise or counter-clockwise, which is a natural part of having an origin position and a destination. A total of 10 commands will be needed:

  • cutarcNWCWdxf β€” cut the upper-left quadrant of a circle moving clockwise
  • cutarcNWCCdxf β€” upper-left quadrant counter-clockwise
  • cutarcNECWdxf
  • cutarcNECCdxf
  • cutarcSECWdxf
  • cutarcSECCdxf
  • cutarcNECWdxf
  • cutarcNECCdxf
  • cutcircleCWdxf β€” while it won’t matter for generating a DXF, when G-code is implemented direction of cut will be a consideration for that
  • cutcircleCCdxf