Working on increasing the X axis on my Simple.

Working on increasing the X axis on my Simple. Can’t believe how easy/well this has gone so far!

Did you buy a kit or DIY from Thingiverse files?

I did this mod on my Simple (and the Y mod also). I can not print 230mm (X) by 165mm (Y). Did not use the exact same X mod. I used this one:

I’ve used parts from to extend the X axis. I also made some of my own brackets that will secure the bed to the rods.

Right now I just have a popsicle stick glued to the one end to trigger the X home sensor.

Great thank you. I want to upgrade my printrbot simple that I bought in October 2013.

Cool stuff! … I’ve been trying to pick which X axis mod I want to print for mine. Please post up more pics when it completed, I’d love to see how it turns out. :slight_smile:

You should do the double precision mod by Jon Lawrence. In fact, I’d recommend all of his mods.

Yup, this GT2 mod is awesome. I’d upgraded the X to 220mm but the replacement line I was trying to do was a nightmare and had to be replaced after every couples hours of print time. With the GT2 mod, I’ve not once had to tighten the belt or deal with any X-axis issues. Plus it’s just nice to be able to expand the print area as it opens the printer up to being able to print so much more.

@Tim_Sills @Alex_Wiebe @Andre_Courchesne1
OK, I have the references to parts from Thingiverse and will start printing on my Kossel the parts to upgrade my Printbot Simple V2 (built Oct. 2013 ). Thank you for commenting here.
The Z axis coupler broke, again, so I decided after getting six months of good use out of it, finally time to upgrade.

This also seems like an interesting X mod variant: