Woah ...Awesome video discussion - reminded me why I'm doing RepRap in the first

Woah …Awesome video discussion - reminded me why I’m doing RepRap in the first place and spurs me to continue…

Deep philosophical discussion and even a few things I haven’t really thought too deeply about…

my brain 'splodes…and visions of the future I see…hmm the ripples/implications of the reprap project are insane - this thing could become like a religion - advancing technology exponentially beyond what we can imagine - printing with atoms - humans could create anything or destroy everything…heh I guess the race to become God has just increased in pace - life has become more exciting - I can imagine the divides in society widening - the control of technology and warfare governed by the reprappers and the corps/china…hmmm all I can see at the end of this is war/control and a new beginning…but I feel I do not understand this one iota.

This needs to be shared and discussed by people more experienced/knowledgeable than myself.

I’m a big fan of triffids ^_^…Joseph’s intentions aren’t crystal clear from the interview…
But I have to hand it to him for the good questions.


Thanks! This was actually one of many discussions that I’m carrying on regarding 3D Printing, RepRap, and implications on the future of business. This is part of an ongoing research project that we’re conducting (as faculty) in the business school of a largely technology-based university.

Very glad to have been able to engage in this discussion with Triffid, and to contribute to the community in this way.