Why isn't anyone building the Open RC Touring Car?! I'm in the middle of

(Michael Mitchener) #1

Why isn’t anyone building the Open RC Touring Car?! I’m in the middle of printing it and I can’t find a Bill of (non printable) Materials or any kind of build guide anywhere. I mean I’m sure I could piece it together eventually but c’mon. Anyone have any references?

(Klaus Daume) #2

I was thinking pretty much the same thing before I started printing the Truggy. If I remember the posts correctly, it is pretty much a abandoned child due to many sourced parts, issues with weak parts and difficulties assembling it. Also it is worth mentioning that it might have being a bid to early for a project like this. The Truggy got an incredible amount of attention right after publishing it.

(Nate T) #3

You could make one. That’s the beauty of open source. :+1:

(Michael Mitchener) #4

Alright. Challenge accepted! When mine is built I’ll post a build guide with whatever parts I end up sourcing and/or modifying. Was worth asking though…