Who's up for THIS challenge?  http://www.openspaceuniversity.org/%23!rocketchallenge/c22xk#!rocketchallenge/c22xk

Who’s up for THIS challenge? http://www.openspaceuniversity.org/%23!rocketchallenge/c22xk#!rocketchallenge/c22xk

We’ve been doing this at my hackerspace for a couple of months now. I wonder if 3D printed negatives of the rocket nozzle would count. We’re basically printing a negative of the nozzle, and casting it in concrete and then burning out the PLA. We’ve got members from NASA that are getting certified in rocket launching, etc and we’ll be doing larger and larger stage rockets at the lab as time goes on.

Wow - we would love to collaborate with you guys. I’m with Quelab hackerspace in Albuquerque…

#familab on Freenode IRC; look for Hybridsix and Darkmoonsinger - Darkmoon is the woman from NASA that’s doing all the telemetry software and getting her launch certifications, and Hybridsix is the guy designing the nozzles, etc. Of course I’ll be in there too, as ThantiK; but I’m not part of the rocket project.