Who knew printing poo could be so fun

(Yomi Colledge) #1

Who knew printing poo could be so fun

(Guy Sheffer) #2
  1. Eww.
  2. How did you make the texture?
(Yomi Colledge) #3

It just came out like that :slight_smile:

(Chris “Bigpaws” Chamberlain) #4

Believe me, I “WILL NOT TOUCH!”

(ThantiK) #5

Print that in LAYWOO-D3 and you’ve got a winner.

(Yomi Colledge) #6

Ahh, yh, I’ve got some of that left over :). I give that a whirl in the next few days.

Ideally I’d mod the STL to give the illusion of chunks of sweetcorn in it to for added effect ;D

(Claudine S. T.) #7

Pretty cool.

(Nope Nope) #8

That’s just crap. :wink:

(Yomi Colledge) #9

That’s exactly what I thought ;D

(Carlton Dodd) #10

I make poo almost every day; never thought of it as ‘fun’, though. :wink:

(Yomi Colledge) #11

@Carlton_Dodd hehe, you must be doing it wrong ;D

(3roomlab) #12

it is important to make shit … cos if u cant shit … ur fleshly body is in trouble tho lol